How long before I get my poster or print?
Expect one to two weeks delivery time. Posters will be sent rigtht away, signed art prints can take a little longer.

How is it packed?
All printed pieces are delivered in cardboard tubes or envelopes. Framed art is packed in sturdy boxes.

What does ”signed and in a limited edition” mean?
That means that the work is signed by the artist and printed in alimited edition in that particular size.

Do we ship world wide?
Yes, we do. Shipping costs depends on country of purchase.

Is VAT included?
Yes, VAT and/or moms is included in the displayed price.

And if I’m not happy with my purchase?
We offer a two weeks full return in that case.

If so, how do I proceed?
Start with an e-mail. Customer pays all shi pping charges.MoGA will only refund the price of the items